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It’s Time to Give Yourself Grace

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I’m sure we’ve all been there.

Today was our day to get to the little things around the house that I need my husband’s help on. We had big plans!

Firstly, we were going to go and get our new licenses. But…we couldn’t find my husband’s birth certificate. Okay, fine. No biggie. It’ll show up with more unboxing, or else we can order a new one.

Next we were going to run our errands. The goal here was to leave the house by 9am. That didn’t happen either.

We didn’t even get home until almost 2, and then had to unload everything, put it away and still eat lunch. By then it was almost 4.

After eating way too much, you know what sounded awesome?

A nap. So we took one. In fact, he is still in there sleeping.

My point in this post is that it is okay if your plans don’t always succeed. It’s okay to spread your morning out a little bit so that everyone leaves the house in a good mood instead of rushed and stressed out. Now, obviously there will be times when going slow and spreading everything across double the hours isn’t going to work. You won’t get ANYTHING done if you consistently believe that you can pull this off all the time.

But today, we weren’t stressed. We didn’t rush. No one got in a bad mood while running errands. And it all worked out okay.

Give yourself the grace to slow down. Not everything needs to have been accomplished yesterday. You’re good. And you’ve got this.

Take a breath. Slow your walk just a touch. Smile at someone walking past. Embrace today. ♥️

Give yourself the grace in knowing that the world is not ending because you didn’t cross 47 things off of your list. (Believe me, I know the satisfaction of that!) But it’s okay.