Family Life : 1/19/2021

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Hi friends! There are a lot of new visitors, so I will quickly introduce myself.

My name is Renee, and my family and I currently live in Iowa. My husband and I have 2 girls, and over the summer we added a Frenchie to the mix which has been a whole new kind of adventure.

I’m homeschooling our girls, which to be honest, in the age of COVID, isn’t the worst thing. I’ve got an autoimmune disease (Crohn’s) so we try to stay home as much as possible to keep the germs away.

Adding to that fun, in 2019 I was the lucky recipient of a colostomy bag – currently on a very expensive IV drug that I’m hoping will allow it to be reversed, but my surgeon wasn’t optimistic.

Anyways – enough of that. (And I only mentioned it because I’m here if you ever need to vent about it – I don’t really have anyone I’m close enough to talk about it with, and it feels pretty alienating sometimes – so if you ever need to chat – leave a comment!)

Back to the real purpose of this post…

Just a quick and random update of different things happening in our household this week.

First up – as I said, we are homeschooling which is great – my kids love it and it gives them the freedom to really embrace the subjects they love. We incorporate a lot of subjects into their day to keep them engaged and learning in new ways.

Next – on Thursday I will be posting the meal plan for the week. I deviated a little bit from the schedule I earlier this year, but not too much. I’m trying to use what I have on hand before bringing in a whole lot of new…so it was pretty necessary.

As a side note – tonight I’m making this recipe for cilantro lime chicken that my husband sent me. I’ve only got it in the marinade so far, but man the house smells so good. ?

Lastly – we may be moving soon. (Yikes!) I won’t go into a whole lot of details now, but bigger and better things are on the horizon for us as a family and we’re all (mostly) excited/nervous about it!

For real the last one – tonight we have eGroup, which is a small group that my husband and I host as a part of Elevation Church Online. If you’re having trouble finding community in quarantine, I highly recommend you get yourself plugged in to an online group somehow. Not even necessarily with Elevation, (though I am very biased towards them. ?) Ask me how to get connected if you’d like more info.

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