Eric’s Birthday, All The Walks and More

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Hi friend! Thanks for taking the time to read today. Today’s post is all about how we spent Eric’s birthday in 2021.

We are a pretty low key family, but we also usually eat out on Saturdays – so this time we switched it up and made our dinner at home as a family.


Saturday started as usual for us. Eric got up and worked out and some personal/spiritual development while I read some books upstairs while he was in the basement doing that. Ellie (the dog) usually eats some breakfast and then goes bananas, so we took her for a walk when that happened. For whatever reason, she has not wanted to go on long walks like we had been doing for a while. So we have been doing more frequent shorter walks to compensate.

After the dog walk, Eric and I went for a hike on our favorite path. There is a 5k path nearby that we really enjoy – but also is hard for a chunk of it so we really do get a workout in. This is just some quality time that we take together that also helps push us towards our fitness goals.

It was Eric’s birthday, so we celebrated him all day long!

The Dolphins had a preseason game so we watched that, and then got ready to get everything prepped for making dinner. We made pizza and an antipasto salad that really stole the show in my opinion. I mean, don’t get me wrong, you pretty much can never go wrong with a nice cheesy pizza – but the combo on the salad was delicious. Just google antipasto salad and find one that you think will fit your needs and cravings.

After dinner, we watched the new Disney movie Luca. (loved it!)


Sunday starts in the same way usually. Then we have Church. If you’re new here, we watch Elevation Church online services. Pastor Steven Furtick is an essential part of our lives.

After church, we did some household necessity things and then took a lunch break.

We hit up our favorite pizza place (yes, more pizza!) for a quick lunch date just the 2 of us. Our oldest was still sleeping after being up all night, and the youngest was on dog watching duty.

Now we are back home for work for the 2 of us. Eric is doing some coaching training, and I am planning out my week here at the cuppfam blog.

Tell me in the comments what your favorite part of the weekend was! Mine was making Eric’s birthday dinner as a family.

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