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Crazy time of life for the world…

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Guys, there is so much fear in the air right now, you can pretty much walk outside the door and feel it.

I don’t deal with fear well…my heart rate spikes and stays there, I have trouble sleeping and I tend to show my fear through anger, which…let’s face it, isn’t good for anyone.

So I just wanted to come on here today and tell you all that I’m sending you all love and prayers. Chances are we all will know, or become someone who has this virus.

Turning on the tv and seeing the vast amount of major events and sports leagues being postponed only adds to the feeling on hopelessness.

But there is one thing that we can all do right now.

Love one another.

Let’s show each other compassion.

If anything good comes out of the Coronavirus – let it be that it brought us all together.

Stay safe and sane. ♥️