Cooking On a Budget – Chicken Salad Wraps

Hi friends! Today I’m telling you about a recent recipe that I found that is a real budget friendly meal. Also – my kids love it so that makes it a major bonus.

It is so incredibly easy – but actually filling enough to feel like a full meal, even though I served it with potato chips.

The original recipe comes from the book 30 Minute Cookbook for Beginners by Colleen Kennedy, and says you can make it even easier by using a rotisserie chicken. So it’s basically a mixture of cooked chicken, carrots, and celery, blitzed in the food processor and then mixed with mayo, a drizzle of honey and your choice of seasonings to taste.

I charred the tortillas over the open flame on a gas stove to give them a ton of flavor and then topped the chicken salad with bacon and lettuce, as recommended by the book.

So easy – and delicious!




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