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A Cause for Celebration!

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Today, ladies and gentlemen…today, I FINALLY had my catheter removed, along with the staples lining the beautiful incision that now graces my stomach. I feel like a brand new woman, let me tell you.

I’m still not allowed to lift anything over 10 pounds for the next month, but I am definitely going to be working on getting fit. I’ve lost about 25 pounds over the past few months, and now is the start of my journey to gain it back.

I’m also “skinny-fat” because I was trying so hard to conserve all of my calories that I didn’t do any type of physical activity before my surgery, so not only do I resemble a skeleton, but the places where I am a little fleshy, it’s pure flab.

With my colostomy, I haven’t had any trouble eating up to this point. This means that I can incorporate a larger variety into my diet, because I won’t want to cry when I’m finished eating. I’m grateful for that.

My surgeon is setting me up with a GI doctor, so once I see that person, I will be able to get on some type of regimen to keep my Crohn’s Disease under control. (He did mention though that I would need to have another colonoscopy done. Ugh. 🙄)

I’m so excited to begin this next season of life.

I know that I mentioned in a previous post that big things were happening that I wasn’t going to go into detail over at the time…well, that plan didn’t work out. HOWEVER – there is another…possibly quite major plan that might be unfolding as we speak. I’ll clue you all in when I know more.

Take care, my friends. I’ll be updating more frequently from here on out now that I feel like an actual human being again. ♥️


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