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Breath of Christmas – Book Review

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I recently finished reading Breath of Christmas by E.A. West. Below you will find my reactions and thoughts that popped up while reading. This will more than likely contain some spoilers, so if you’re looking to read this book for yourself, I would not recommend reading any further. Enjoy!

From the publisher :

When Esther Beauchamp agrees to drive a snowmobile during the Santa Snow Challenge, she expects a problem-free weekend of transporting snowboarders. What she gets is the task of transporting a single snowboarder and babysitting his service dog while he’s on the slope. Robbie Kendrick is instantly attracted to the pretty staffer who volunteered to help him during the competition. While she’s clueless about asthma, he appreciates her efforts to understand how it affects him and his snowboarding. Best of all, she treats him like a man who isn’t disabled and gets along great with his medical alert dog. But when Robbie’s ability to compete is called into question, is it in God’s plan for him to give up the career he loves, or will his competitive spirit cause him to lose his chance at a future with Esther?

My notes :

  • Esther is the first character that we are introduced to.
  • The story revolves around a snowboard competition.
  • Esther has been put in charge of the service dog of one of the competitors – Robbie.
  • I’ve never even stepped foot on a mountain for ski or snowboard purposes, have you?
  • Robbie suffers from asthma – and his service dog alerts him when he’s in need of attention.
  • It takes a lot of courage to continue to pursue something even when your body tries to betray you and make you give up.
  • It seems that Robbie has a tendency to feel smothered – but it may be warranted considering his condition.
  • The ice has broken, and the 2 of them seem to be getting pretty comfortable with each other.
  • I’m predicting a medical emergency and then they fall in love.
  • Esther is a smart woman.
  • The dog likes her, so of course he knows she is a catch.
  • Molly is one smart dog – I have no idea if there are such dogs that exist, but if there are, it’s easy to see why dogs are considered man’s best friend.
  • Something is happening, and it’s not good – (me being worried about a book character is totally in character for me.)
  • It wasn’t as bad as I was expecting, but that’s easy for me to say because I’ve never had an asthma attack.
  • And now the sparks are flying – but they aren’t friendly sparks.
  • Robbie is determined to be everything he was told he couldn’t be as a child.
  • Plot twist – but once again, it wasn’t as dramatic as I was expecting.
  • Robbie has had a very bad attack – I’m not sure what to expect at this point.
  • I’m loving the interaction between him and Molly.
  • Esther is mad at him, and kind of acting like his mom – I know that she’s coming from a kind hearted place, but it still comes off as kind of annoying as I’m reading.
  • It’s hard to be told that we need to do things that we already KNOW we need to do, isn’t it?
  • There’s too much between these 2 for it to end now…
  • Men are stubborn (at least in my experience, but then again, so are women – so…)
  • I’m a sucker for a sweet, and happy ending – this one did not disappoint.

Thanks for reading along with me! I would suggest this book to you if you’re looking for a fast paced, light-hearted read for the holiday season.

*Disclaimer – I received a copy of this ebook for free from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are my own.


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