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Reading Adventure

UPDATE!!! New Reading Adventure : Carrie by Stephen King

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Hi friend! Today begins a new reading adventure for me. I’m going to start reading all of Stephen King’s novels from the beginning, starting with Carrie.

I have had this on my heart to do for a while, and I can’t ignore it anymore.

At some point in my life, I became afraid of everything. I mean, I have so much pent up anxiety about every possible thing that could go wrong. Something has to change.

I’m a firm believer that my fears originated in my imagination, and so there they live. I’m hoping that by really feeding my imagination some actual fear, it will help to break the cycle of being fearful for no reason.

That being said, I wasn’t always like this! When I was a lot younger, I read a lot of Stephen King books. Maybe I was too young, but my mom always allowed me to read to cultivate my love of reading.

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So here we are. It’s August 30, 2021 and I am going to start reading Carrie today. When I finish, I will share all of my notes and thoughts.

I hope that you will follow along with me! You can read them too, if you’d like to include yourself in this. Let me know in the comments if you’d like to join me! ⤵️

Thanks for taking the time to read today. Take care. 🏝


I finished Carrie, and am completely blown away by how much destruction truly went into what happened.

The interviews and articles interspersed throughout really helped to make the book more immersive.

In the end, Carrie was just a girl who was consistently bullied, and ultimately snapped in the most epic way possible. (By the way, who can remember as a kid trying to determined whether telekinesis was real? I totally remembered that after reading this book. 😅)

I think that this was the perfect way to start this adventure.

Up Next…’Salem’s Lot.


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