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Book Review – The Secret Ingredient

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From The Publisher :

Love is like a perfect recipe… You never want to lose it.

Years ago, Kelly McIntyre and Andrew York were engaged and dreaming of opening a restaurant together. Then he chose an opportunity to study in Paris over the small-town life they’d planned, and their romance came to a bittersweet end.

But Kelly’s doing fine. She’s not only the owner of a potbellied pig named Gray, but also of her own bakery. Business is good—so good that a TV show invites her to compete in a Valentine’s Day bake-off. As she prepares for the contest, she tries not to get distracted by Andrew’s visit to town. When Andrew sees Kelly, it stirs up his old feelings. Little does he know that soon, in New York, he’ll compete against her in the bake-off…and they’ll both realize how much their past is a part of them still.

This new romance from bestselling author Nancy Naigle includes a free original Hallmark recipe for Almond Honey Cake with Strawberry Cream. 

My Review :

This was a fun book to read. I got caught up in the whole experience of it, from Kelly and Andrew’s initial romance, all the way to the ending. I did have a hunch where the ending was leading too, but I wasn’t mad at all when it happened in that manner. These 2 were made for each other, even if they didn’t realize it at the time.

I know first hand how taking a break from a relationship may be just what is needed in order for both people to realize that what they truly wanted was each other.

I’m happy that Kelly got her happily ever after, and that Andrew got away from his horrible boss.

My only complaint, and this goes for a lot of books, not just this one – is that I wish we could see a bigger glimpse of the happy ending. The entire book leads up to the ending, and then we only get one teeny peek at what happens after. (That’s just my opinion, though.)

I hope you’ll read this one – I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.