What I’ve Read : The Family Game by Catherine Steadman

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Hi friends! Today’s book thoughts are for The Family Game by Catherine Steadman.

Big thanks go out to Random House for gifting me this book for free as part of their Stories and Suspects quarterly box. All opinions are mine.

This was such a fun read, I could not put it down. If you’re looking for a Christmas read that isn’t too Christmas-y – then this will fit that bill.

Harriet is dating Edward, who just happens to be a part of a hugely wealthy family that has seen it’s share of drama.

Once he proposes, she figures it’s finally time to meet them, because up until this point he hasn’t allowed that to happen.

The rest of the Holbecks see Harriet as the glue that will pull their family back together once and for all. And once Harriet realizes she’s pregnant, that only seems to seal the deal further.

Enter the family, and their bazaar and twisted games. Honestly running from Krampus in a giant unfamiliar house sounds like something I’d never want to do, so for Harriet to not only succeed but excel, that was a special moment.

As a writer, she is entrusted with a tape from Robert, the father, which on it’s surface appears to be a taped confession. Now the game is really on, and it’s actual do or die.

Christmas Eve brings a brand new game with it’s own set of rules. Only one person gets a gift and everyone else is left behind.

Everything is not what it seems in this fast paced, and extremely exciting thriller. I was biting my nails even as the story concluded because I wasn’t sure how Harry was going to fare. I was not disappointed.

The Family Game gets 4 stars from me.

If you’ve read The Family Game, leave a comment below letting me know your thoughts. 🏝

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