What I’ve Read : Shadow Valley by Nik Xandir Wolf

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Hi friends! I’m back today to tell you about a book that I recently finished : Shadow Valley. This book was written by Nik Xandir Wolf.

Huge thanks goes out to Kelp Books for gifting me this copy for review purposes.

Shadow Valley centers mostly around it’s namesake city. Heath lives with his adoptive mother who is sick and struggling financially. Heath tries his best to keep the bill collectors at bay, but it’s becoming harder and harder.

Enter Rori. She seems to light a spark in Heath’s mom. Then the chaos begins.

This book was so dark and unlike books I’ve read in the past. The story was good, but it did take me a while to get through it for some reason…I wasn’t real compelled binge it. But I think that had to do more with the suspense factor than anything else.

The author really excelled at putting the reader into the hard situations and evoking emotions. Heath’s story as a kid in the foster system was truly astounding. And how it comes full circle was definitely an added bonus.

I was pleasantly surprised by how much I ended up liking this one. I requested it kind of on a whim, but truly am glad that I did.

The ending was so satisfying and left no loose ends hanging. There’s some things that I want to talk about but I refuse to post spoilers. So if you’ve read Shadow Valley, comment below so we can talk about it! 🏝

3.5 Stars, I rounded up to 4.

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