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Book Review : Logging Off by Nick Spalding

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Today I’m going to be reviewing Logging Off by Nick Spalding. (Published April 23, 2020)

*Disclaimer – I received a copy of this eBook for free from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

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Description :

From bestselling author Nick Spalding comes a laugh-out-loud story about getting offline—and getting on with life.

Andy Bellows is in a right state. Plagued with insomnia, anxiety and neckache, he’s convinced there’s something seriously wrong with him. And the worst thing is that his doctor agrees. The diagnosis: Andy is in the grip of a self-destructive addiction to technology—he just cannot put that bloody mobile phone down.

Texting, tweeting, gaming and online dating—technology rules Andy’s life. His phone even monitors his bowel movements. So how will he cope when he’s forced to follow doctor’s orders and step away from all of his beloved screens?

From having to leave the flat in search of food like some kind of Neanderthal to engaging in conversations with actual people, Andy’s about to discover just how bewildering—and scary—the analogue world can be.

And when his sixty-day detox hits the headlines—making him a hero to suffering technophiles everywhere—Andy is sorely tempted to pack it all in and escape in the nearest Uber.

Can he get himself out of this mess, and work out how to live a better, technologically balanced life…without consulting Google even once?

My Review :

This book had me laughing out loud multiple times…and I mean that literally.

There is so much fun humor that lies in these pages, I loved it.

Logging off tells the story of Andy – who uses the internet for EVERYTHING. (Much like I do, in fact.) After an informative visit to his doctor, he decides that he’s going go to on a digital detox. The rest is history.

Hilarity definitely ensues. But there’s a lesson to be learned here too – it’s good to unplug sometimes. Maybe you don’t need to, but for me – I’d say that it’s becoming harder and harder to ignore.

The way that Andy deals with this in the days that follow is really sobering. He enjoys the outside, calls people on the phone (gasp!), and even uses a paper map! (Double gasp, I wouldn’t know how to do that.)

In the end we realize that technology isn’t bad (in fact, I’m really glad you’re using technology now to visit this site!) – it’s our use of it that becomes out of control.

Now, there is one thing that I disagree with – and that is when the book talks about finding balance. I personally believe that balance is a myth.

You’re never going to have it all in exactly the same measurement. Life is a rhythm of ebbs and flows. But I do appreciate the sentiment of balance when it comes to being on my phone less often.

I wholeheartedly enjoyed this book.



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