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Book Review : Hush Little Baby by Jane Isaac

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I’m back with another book review. Today’s title is Hush Little Baby by Jane Isaac.

*Disclaimer : I received a copy of this eBook for free from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

Below you will find the description of the book provided by NetGalley, followed by my own personal review and star rating.

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Description :

Someone stole a baby… 

One sunny day in July, someone took three-month-old Alicia Owen from her pram outside a supermarket. Her mother, Marie, was inside. No one saw who took Alicia. And no one could find her. 

They silenced her cry… 

Fifteen years later, a teenager on a construction site sees a tiny hand in the ground. When the police investigate, they find a baby buried and preserved in concrete. Could it be Alicia? 

But the truth will always out. 

When Alicia disappeared, the papers accused Marie of detachment and neglect. The Owens never got over the grief of their child’s disappearance and divorced not long after. By reopening the case, DC Beth Chamberlain must reopen old wounds. But the killer may be closer than anyone ever suspected…

My Review :

Hold onto your horses with this one, folks.

We start with the kidnapping of a baby named Alicia. Her mother has always been included in a cloud of suspicion based on some postpartum depression she had been experiencing, along with the grief of losing Alicia’s twin at birth.

This book was a wild ride in the best way. There is such a roller coaster of emotions that set in – I could not stop reading. I also kept thinking that I had the guilty party figured out – but I was so wrong.

(I was worried at first in starting to read this one since it is part of a series, but I needn’t have worried.)

In the end I was shocked by how the loose ends tied up.

I really enjoyed this book, and would recommend if you’re looking for a mystery to curl up with.