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Book Review – The Goodbye Summer by Sarah Van Name

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The Goodbye Summer
by Sarah Van Name

Hi friends! Thanks for stopping by today. In this post you will find my review for the book The Goodbye Summer by Sarah Van Name.

From the Publisher :

Sarah Dessen meets Morgan Matson in the perfect summer debut about learning to say goodbye—or finding a reason to stay

Caroline is counting the days until September, when she’ll turn seventeen and she and her older boyfriend, Jake, will run away together. She doesn’t feel connected to anyone at home now that she has him, and she can’t wait to see the world with the most important person in her life. So with just a few more months until freedom, she spends her summer working at the local aquarium gift shop and dreaming of the fall.

Then she meets Georgia, a counselor at the aquarium’s camp, and Caroline’s world changes. Through pizza lunches, trips to amusement parks, and midnight talks, Georgia begins to show Caroline there’s more to life than being with Jake.

The stronger Georgia and Caroline’s bond grows, the more uneasy Caroline becomes about her plans to leave. When summer comes to a close, she’ll have to say goodbye to someone…but who is she willing to lose?

My Review :

I don’t even know where to start with this one.

The story was fine. The plot, ditto.

It just seems to me that there is a sort of disconnect when it comes to the ages and the actions of these kids.

It was kind of tough to read the book while keeping their actual ages in mind.

Caroline could seem like she had a pretty good head on her shoulders one minute, but definitely not ready to runaway with her boyfriend halfway across the country.

Also, the conversation where she and Jake texted for the first time was just gross. I know that it happens a lot like that in real life sometimes, but she’s not of legal age, and he is so it makes it problematic. (Maybe that’s the mom in me.) He sort of comes off as a predator, telling her how “mature” she looks.

If these had been college aged kids forging their friendships and trying to figure out what they were going to do after college, I think the story would make more sense. To me here though, it just didn’t work.



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