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Book Review : Feels Like Falling by Kristy Woodson Harvey

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Below you’ll find my review for the book Feels Like Falling by Kristy Woodson Harvey.

First though, here’s the description provided by NetGalley.

*Disclaimer : I received a copy of this ebook for free from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

Description :

It’s summertime on the North Carolina coast and the livin’ is easy.

Unless, that is, you’ve just lost your mother to cancer, your sister to her extremist husband, and your husband to his executive assistant. Meet Gray Howard. Right when Gray could use a serious infusion of good karma in her life, she inadvertently gets a stranger, Diana Harrington, fired from her job at the local pharmacy.

Diana Harrington’s summer isn’t off to the greatest start either: Hours before losing her job, she broke up with her boyfriend and moved out of their shared house with only a worn-out Impala for a bed. Lucky for her, Gray has an empty guest house and a very guilty conscience.

With Gray’s kindness, Diana’s tide begins to turn. But when her first love returns, every secret from her past seems to resurface all at once. And, as Gray begins to blaze a new trail, she discovers, with Diana’s help, that what she envisioned as her perfect life may not be what she wants at all.

In her warmest, wisest novel yet, Kristy Woodson Harvey delivers a discerning portrait of modern womanhood through two vastly different lenses. Feels Like Falling is a beach bag essential for Harvey fans—and for a new generation of readers.

My Review :

This book has quickly become one of my favorites for the year.

The relationships that we see develop between all the characters, but especially between Gray and Diana are so heartwarming.

Relationships that are dead, and/or dying…missed opportunities to establish actual relationships – we see how all of these circumstances come into play in the lives of both of them.

Gray and Diana met through some unfortunate circumstances, but they developed a beautiful friendship.

This book will make you appreciate your girlfriends, and all those people that you hold near and dear. Most of the time, they really do have our best interest at heart.

Gray is shifting from a marriage to dating a younger man, which to her feels like the ultimate cliché, especially since he’s her son’s tennis coach.

Diana has spent her life trying to find a man who lives up to the one who got away. No one fits that bill, and she’s lonely and heartbroken…especially when we learn more about her backstory.

But boy is she in for a surprise when he resurfaces, and she discovers he’s been pining after her for all these years as well.

This would be a perfect beach read. I’d recommend this book because I loved it – I hope that you do too.