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Book Review : Danger in Numbers by Heather Graham

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Hi friend! My review today is for the book Danger in Numbers by Heather Graham.

Below you’ll find the description of the book, followed by my personal review and star rating.

*Disclaimer : I received a copy of this ebook for free from NetGalley and MIRA publishing in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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Description :

On the edge of the Everglades, an eerie crime scene sets off an investigation that sends two agents deep into a world of corrupted faith, greed and deadly secrets.

A ritualistic murder on the side of a remote road brings in the Florida state police. Special Agent Amy Larson has never seen worse, and there are indications that this killing could be just the beginning. The crime draws the attention of the FBI in the form of Special Agent Hunter Forrest, a man with insider knowledge of how violent cults operate, and a man who might never be able to escape his own past.

The rural community is devastated by the death in their midst, but people know more than they are saying. As Amy and Hunter join forces, every lead takes them further into the twisted beliefs of a dangerous group that will stop at nothing to see their will done.

Doomsday preppers and small-town secrets collide in this sultry, twisty page-turning thriller.

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My Review : Danger in Numbers

Okay, firstly I have to say that I have a weird fascination with cults. I’ll save the bulk of that discussion for another day, but seriously – how the leaders rise up and gain huge followings is astonishing to me. I love finding out how the brains of people think through things, so that process seems completely interesting.

Anyways – in Danger in Numbers, our 2 main characters are Amy and Hunter.

Partnered up to find the killers of innocent women, they are forced into each others space. Eventually their story takes a turn for the romantic, but I’ll leave you to read those details.

Hunting down the killer/killers is no easy task since it appears that the entire town is in on it. It turns out that money can buy you almost everything. Including people who are will to die for you in a suicidal fashion.

The race against the sacrifice is thrilling and definitely kept me on the edge of my seat.

This was the first book I’ve read by Heather Graham, but will definitely not be my last. Especially after that cliff hanger. 😱

4 Stars


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