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Book Review : American Gospel by Lin Enger

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Hi friend. Today’s book review is for American Gospel by Lin Enger.

*Disclaimer : I received a copy of this ebook for free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Below you will find the description of the book provided by NetGalley, followed by my personal review and star rating.

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Description :

On a small farm beside a lake in Minnesota’s north woods an old man is waiting for the Rapture. Which God has told him will happen in two weeks, on August 19, 1974. When word gets out, Last Days Ranch becomes ground zero for The End, drawing zealots, curiosity seekers, and reporters. Among them the prophet’s son, a skeptical New York writer suddenly caught between his overbearing father and the news story of a lifetime. Into the mix comes Melanie Magnus, a glamorous actress who has old allegiances to both father and son. Meanwhile, Nixon’s resignation has transfixed the nation.

Writing with clear compassion and gentle wit, Lin Enger draws us into these disparate yet inextricably linked lives, each enacting a part in a drama forever being replayed and together moving toward a conclusion that will take all of them—and us—by surprise. Set during a time that resonates with our own tension-filled moment, American Gospel cuts close to the battles occurring within ourselves and for the soul of the nation. And in doing so radiates light on a dark strain in America’s psyche, when the false security of dogma competes with the risky tumult of freedom.  

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American Gospel – My Review :

I’m not going to lie – I’m a little fascinated by cults. So the premise of this book immediately jumped out to me because it kind of felt like that’s where it was leading.

The idea behind a revival is not something I’m familiar with. I grew up in a very religious household, but not one where a relationship with Jesus was ever at the front.

American Gospel tells the story of the weeks leading up to a date that Jesus is supposedly coming back.

Between Melanie, Peter, and Enoch – we are left with a great story.

Also, how quickly people believe Enoch’s words is pretty surprising.

I think a lot of people are seeking joy and for some others Jesus is that place.

I have to admit too that I was pretty transfixed by the story and could not wait to see how it would wind up.

This book was very different from anything I’ve read lately.

Star Rating :

4 Stars


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