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Welcome to 2021!

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Hi friends! I hope that so far in 2021 you’ve been able to be intentional about seeking the positives, and letting go of the negative.

I know, this is easier said than done – but, from my personal experience…it is so, so worth it.

In the past, I’ve always done the resolution thing…you know, I’m going to eat healthy, workout consistently, grow as a person…all the things.

This year though, I am coming in with a new plan. I’m going to aim high, fail high.

I cannot take credit for this, as the idea was originally introduced to me through Holly Furtick when she explained that she had set a very high goal for a number of workouts for the year. Even if she didn’t hit that goal, she would still have achieved a lot.

So in my life I have set 3 very high goals for myself concerning the following areas.

My 3 Goals for 2021 :

  • Workouts. I’m going to aim to be as consistent with doing yoga and/or cardio on most days.
  • Books read. I have set my personal reading goal as my highest yet. (You can follow my Goodreads updates on the side menu.)
  • Blog updates – I’ve also set an incredibly high goal for blog writing. (High for me at least.)

I’m not going to say what the numbers are until I’ve reached/exceeded them. I think that will be a day of celebration so I’m not going to reveal it quite yet. 😉

I’ve made myself a poster board chart, and each time I complete a task I get a sticker to put on that particular box. (Yes, I’m like a 5 year old…sticker rewards!)

I can’t wait to show y’all how it ends up at the end of the year. I’m going into this year with a list of goals, that as long as I stay focused on the long term I believe I will be able to complete.

How about you? Let me know in the comments below what you’re heading into 2021 wanting to accomplish.

Stay safe and healthy! I’m sending out my prayers to each of you, dear readers.