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How I’m Learning To Be Intentional

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Hi friends! I’m back today with a post about how I’m learning to be intentional in this season of life that I am in.

As you may know, we moved to PA a few months ago, and it’s been quite an adjustment. We love it here, but one thing that we did not anticipate was that Eric would not be home during the week due to being needed at a facility further away.

Due to this, I’ve come to realize that there are certain things that I need to prioritize in my everyday life for both my physical and mental health.

Therefore, in no particular order – here is my list of how I’m teaching myself to be intentional.


be intentional about scheduling day dates

Since Eric is working away from home all week, the weekends have become so important for family time. We’ve done a lot of family activities the past few months, and it’s been really great. Whether it’s been seeing movies (Cruella is incredible, we saw it twice. 10/10 recommend), mini putt, arcade or jut exploring new parts of this state, we’re trying to squeeze in a lot in a short amount of hours.


be intentional with fitness dog on her leash

I take the dog on 2 walks a day, and have been incorporating yoga into my daily routine as well. I’m 36, and up until this point I have not been consistent with anything. Sure, I’ll get on kicks every now and then, but I have never stuck to anything long enough to see actual results. Having a dog has definitely helped me be more active, but now it’s up to me to sustain it.

Self Care

Right now, for me, self care is sitting on the floor of my closet watching trash tv, and cross stitching. It gives me so much joy. Therefore, I’m trying to implement at least an hour a day to that just as a reset where I don’t need to be thinking about what I need to do next.


be intentional with eating breakfast plate

This is a newer one, but I’m going to try and eat the same foods for breakfast and lunch everyday. Breakfast is 2 scrambled egg whites, and a piece of toast along with some liquid greens. Lunch is crackers, meat and cheese along with a greek yogurt for dessert. This way, I know exactly how many calories I’m intaking so I can be better aware when it comes to dinner time. I’m not really trying to lose weight, but to tone up and feel better overall.


I’ve got a lot of books on my TBR pile to get through this year – so I’m taking a new approach. As long as I can stay on track, I will be able to catch up in a couple of months.


This one may be the hardest, because I am really struggling to find a particular niche to commit to. I think lifestyle blogging is in my future which can give me a wider range of topics without feeling constricted to just one thing. More on this at a later time when I get a clear plan in place.

So that sums up what how I’ve been more intentional in my life lately. It’s not much, but believe me when I say that it has been instrumental in helping me get through this season, and thrive.