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Officially Back to School!

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(…well, homeschool.)

Hey friends! I pray that you are doing well today. I know that my part of the world is still a dumpster fire, so hopefully wherever you are is in good spirits even as that is going on.

The girls are back to homeschooling this year and loving it so far. We have incorporated a lot of different things into their day so they don’t get too burnt out and bored with one program.

I’m still trying to find my voice here. You’ll notice a lack of sermon notes because I’m just struggling to even watch on Sundays. I’m hopeful to get back into it soon, but hold tight until then.

Also, I kind of fell back into a reading slump. Not totally, but it’s taking me a lot longer to finish books than in the past when I could read a book a day. Now I seem to be averaging one about every 2 weeks.

Not going to shame myself though – it’s a tough season.

And speaking of tough seasons…

Eric and I had the privilege of sharing a part of our testimony with some of the eGroups at Elevation this past week. There were 25+ married coupeles on the call, it was pretty special.

But, talk about gut wrenching…

We’ve been really struggling with our marriage the past few months for a variety of reasons, but re-living all of that past bullshit from years ago added an extra layer of intensity to everything.

Hopefully we are on our way to understanding each other better. We seem to have come to a cease fire for the time being, at least.

Ellie the Frenchie!

Ellie is doing so good as an addition to our family. She’s bonding with everyone and we all adore her.

We are still working on her potty training but she has made great strides even in the past few days so hopefully it all gets much improved before the dreaded snow gets here.

I hate the Midwest.

Nothing against Iowa – I’m sure it’s really great here – but I hate it.

I despise the idea of cold and snow more than you could possibly imagine. I’m definitely a coastal girl at heart. (Maybe it’s a Pisces thing…I don’t necessarily like being in the water, but definitely being near it calms my soul.) I miss it, even though we hardly ever went to the beach – I left my heart in the ocean.


Hobbies are calming my anxious spirit right now. I’ve gotten back into cross stitching and am finding cooking therapeutic again instead of stressful.

I’ll post more about each as time goes on.

If you want to cook with me – I will post my weekly meal plan later so you can follow along!

That’s my update for now – take care and enjoy the rest of your day! 💛


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