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A few things…

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Hey there, my friend! I hope that you are doing well today.

Just a couple of updates that I felt compelled to share.

Firstly, my husband and I are starting the Daniel Diet this week. If you’re unfamiliar, it’s a biblical based diet out of the book of Daniel that incorporates lots of grains and fruits and veggies. Last night I made a potato soup, which turned out really well. (And it was so simple!)

Potato Soup :

All I did was take about 2 1/2 pounds of yellow potatoes, a handful of carrots and an onion and diced them all up. Then I added to the Instant Pot and covered with vegetable stock. I seasoned with salt, pepper, sage, garlic powder and onion powder. Cooked on the Soup setting for the IP. Then I took about 1/4 of the soup and put it in the blender, and blended until it was smooth, then added back into the IP. Stir really well, adjust your seasoning and voila! You’re done! A fresh potato soup without any added fat or dairy. My whole family loved it, including my kids.

Instant Pot Daniel Diet Potato Soup

I also started working on a new blanket for myself yesterday. I like to crochet granny squares, and then connect them into a larger project. I’ve made blankets for my kids, and one for myself – but mine is too small so I decided to make a larger one. Here are the pieces so far :

A LOT more to go! But I find it relaxing and really enjoy the process.

Today we are headed into the city to do some shopping and grab some lunch. I need some new clothes, since I’ve lost a bit of weight lately.

Next week we will head to Elevation for the #eFam reunion! Eric and I will be getting baptized, which is exciting. This is really a season of growing and renewing…I can feel it.

Big things are coming.